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Hi there! I'm Roni a gritty and tenacious Front-end developer.

About Me

I am a self-taught web developer that loves technology, animals and watching women's sports. I started my developer journey in 2019, when I realized I could have a flexible schedule and work from anywhere. The challenge and results of developing web sites keep me hooked! I am focusing on the Frontend of web development because it feels somewhat natural to me.

My background is unconventional to say the least. I have worked with horses for about 12 years before realizing I needed to change direction. Working with horses have taught me more about life than I think I could have learned any where else. Grit, tenacity, attention to details are just a few traits you need to have when working with 1,000lb+ animals.

My goal is to make sites that have people talking about how user friendly and effective it is.

Also, I have the cutest and best pup! Ollie 🥰-->

Here are a few technologies that I love working with:

  • Firebase
  • Next.js
  • BitBucket
  • BootStrap
  • Github
  • Gatsby
  • Netlify
  • TailwindCss
  • React
  • Styled Components
  • Vercel


Marketing Website @ Sunglo Window Film Durango

A freelance project

5 page Gatsby web app for potential customers looking for the services offered.

Using TailwindCss to keep css clean and accessible across the whole site.

This site has 2 contact form, using Netlify Forms, without any server-side code.

Talking about adding a Headless CMS that would fit the owners needs.

Deployed Site

Built Projects

checkout my github for more projects that aren't deployed!

screen shot of Brave app

Brave Cards (WIP)

Small app about inspiring women

A site of cards that contain women that inspire me in so many different ways. My nieces are great inquisitive kids but don't get exposed to as much as they should(IMO). I am kinda stuck on design right now. Not really loving this over layout. A big goal I have for this site is to make it an app that kids can share and add cards themselves. Another idea is to be a digital trading card app for amazing Women.



screenshot of videos available in CloneFlix


A clone of Netflix

This is a clone of Netflix React with styled components, created a Netflix clone. Firebase stores the movies data and handles the authentication. Also has search capabilities using the package Fuse.js (no actual movies!😉)

Styled Components


Screenshot of landing page project

Frontend Mentor Project

Creative Agency

A project from Frontend Mentor, a Creative Agency's landing page. It was simple yet difficult with the overlapping sections. This project really helped me understand css and containers work!



Screenshot of Scrumpys site

Scrumpy's (WIP)

Hard Cider Bar

Created new website for one of my favorite places to hangout and code. The current website for the bar is very not user friendly. Filters for flavors of their ciders and beer as well as page to highlight staff. I want to add a seasonal tag to help filter as well. This site is hooked to Sanity to help with updating beer/ciders and also staff updates. Could have an online order system if client wants. This site is easily adapted to other business as well.

Styled Components



Get In Touch

I am currently looking for my next full-time opportunity. Please reach out my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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