I am passionate about all things web devlopment,
food trucks, music and my best bud Ollie.

My unique background has given me a perspective that helps to look outside the box for creating websites that functions as well as it looks.

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How I define a Web Developer?

A developer is a digital Sherlock Holmes, finding solutions for many types problems. They must not give up until the answer is found and the problem is fixed! Sometimes that means just a work around for temporary relief. The goal is to find or develop a complete fix. This what I love about being a developer. Thinking about the problem all the time and finding a way into an outside the box solution. Give me a Saturday afternoon, an intersting problem, and a local craft sour beer and I will gladly go down the google rabbit hole!

  • Code

    My favorite obsession! I love learning how to make things look good and work together. How all these characters and letters can create an application that will be used by someone in I have never met.

  • Music

    Music is a very important part of my life. I go to sleep, wake up to music and anywhere in between. My taste is always expanding, with the help of music platforms to explore. Americana is great to have flowing when coding.

  • Ollie

    If you know me than you know that my world pretty much revolves around Ollie. He is such a great pup and very understanding of my bad singing, messy housekeeping and schedule. All he asks is for lots of walks, social time, good food and all the belly rubs! Check out his site here:
    Ollie in toon form

  • Accessibility

    A big goal is to learn how to make everything I do accessible. It is very important that everybody has the same access to whatever they may need or want. Now that technology is a part of most every piece our daily lives, it should how I create as well.

Roni Lockwood

Let me build you a website that represents you and your business. Our solution will be responsive, creative, and enjoyable. So will be the process of creating it.